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Monthly Stats - All Keys except Key West

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School is out and many families that are looking to change schools, change work or relocate becomes active in Florida.  Just when you think season is over, it's not!  If you're looking to relocate or want a home in paradise call me 305-797-5652.  Leave a message if I don't answer is because I may be with another customer, or away from the office (like driving), or most likely on another appointment or telephone call.  I have a large network and can refer you to one of our professional agents throughout the Keys, Florida, U.S and other countries. I can make your move happen.

As a reminder many homes are occupied and may need a minimum 24-48 hour notice to show, some even longer.  PLEASE DO NOT TRESPASS ON PRIVATE PROPERTY regardless if there is a 'for sale' sign or a "for rent" sign.  Some properties appear vacant but may not be. 

For the month ending May 2018  excluding Key West (see Key West, FL Real Estate)  below is a little information to consider. If you are on my website and thinking of selling please let me know!

Average SFR:  $565,000

113 single family residentals sold in the month, includes mobile homes.  The lower interest rates are beginning to increase slowly as we have predicted so if you are considering making a move and the money matters, you might want to do some number crunching with your bank.  Home prices are slowing going up in some areas as well.  We are in need of quality home inventory, so again, if you haven been thinking of selling, please let me know.  I can make your move happen! Be sure to come back to my website at least monthly for information.  Email me any time