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Where the only ice is in your cooler!

Key West FL Real Estate Monthly Sales Stats

Here we are November 2018 and each day I'm waiting for it to feel a little cooler.  Not happening yet.  So let's talk real estate.    

Everyone keeps asking if our market has peaked.  Let me say this.  Markets can continue moving either up or down.  Just when we hit a new level, we keep going either way.  We continue to have a reduced amount of inventory.  Key West is a popular little city and it's pretty hard to find a warm, tropical island in the USA that has a little bit of everything, but no snow and ice.  We continue to see gradual increases in the Interest rates.

Real Estate Sales are similar to other professions such as CPA's, Attorneys, and Doctors, with an appointment, you'll get a qualified, professional person's time that is dedicated to helping you.  Yes, stuff happens, you enjoy your time, go boating and forget about your appointment.... please be mindful that our time is valuable too!   We do our best to be sure you are pre-qualified before we set up appointments to show homes for sale and is still the preferred method. Open houses are a good opportunity to quietly look at homes at your own leisure as your current agent continues to work with you.  Please stay dedicated to your agent as Realtors have the same information as each other and in a small town most of us have to work with each other at some point in time. 

As far as our inventory, I suggest to look with an open mind.  Our properties tend to be unique.  Unless you purchase a lot with a permit and to have your own floor plan, you may need to be flexible as choices in inventory are not abundant.   Sellers can be better prepared before placing the home for sale by cleaning up, declutter, and fix items in need of repair or replacing.  Having a repair history can help.  Having permits available is also a good idea.  Appraisals, home inspections, and financing are normal contingencies on a contract or one that needs a loan. Distractions matter more than ever and I can negotiate and will facilitate the sales contract when you work with me.

Please be patient and of course, have a good time while you are here.    

For the month ending October 2018  the single family homes average sold price was $807,030. There were 25 single family homes sold in that month.   If you are on my website and thinking of selling please let me know!

Key West is an awesome little city, and when you are ready to buy or sell, call me. You can also email any time.  Here is my information:   Sylvia Werling 305-797-5652.  You can email me at: