Key West Time Shares

Are you in the market for a vacation getaway?  Perhaps purchasing a home or investing in Key West is not in your immediate future, then a timeshare may be right for you.  There are many current opportunities in the resale marketplace.  I can help you with your purchase.  If you already one one and are looking to sell, please contact me at the number listed below.  

In general, if you are not familiar with timeshares, and are looking to buy one, most sell for one week per year.  Yes, you can purchase more than one week.  Most are a designated week and may fluctuate by a day, year-to-year.  They are furnished just like when you go on vacation and stay in a rental.  

Many timeshare companies are connected with other timeshare companies, organizations, or vacation clubs that could offer you time away from Key West. If for some reason you cannot use your time in Key West, you may be able to use it somewhere else. Example, if you want to go for a ski vacation in Colorado, you may be able to exchange your time in Key West with time in Colorado.    

If you are interested in purchasing, I can send you available units for sale or filter through based on property or price. Here is my contact information.  

Sylvia Werling
(305) 797-5652 

Mon-Fri, 8:30a - 5:00p

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