Island Honey (bees)

In addition to selling Real Estate, I'm a Beekeeper.  I fell into it as I found a need to "re-house" or find another home for bee colonies. I'm the official Director of the Bee Relocation Division!  

Bees will find a way into a home and start working unbenounced to a home owner.  When they are growing into a larger family they can become a nusance to a property owner as many are allergic to them or their sting or simply afraid of them.  The honey business isn't always sweet.  

I've learned a lot about bees.  These girls work relentlessly every day.  They do not take days off, no holidays, no vacations.  They work for the queen and each has a specific job to perform. They have a lot of elements against them such as getting hit by cars while they are out getting pollen and nectar, run over by lawnmowers, sprayed by chemicals, animals, and, of course, humans.

Bees have seasons whereby they don't produce a lot of honey.  Sometimes there isn't much nectar or pollination so I won't go into the hive to get what little they have.  I don't always have honey available, but if you are interested please inquire.